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“I would unconditionally recommend Jean Winchester to anyone who’s interested in buying or selling a home in Lexington.  I’ve worked with Jean on two real estate transactions and was consistently impressed with her knowledge of the Lexington real estate market, her level of responsiveness and her attention to detail.  On the buy side, Jean took the time to get to know us and to really understand what we were looking for in a residence. 

“Her knowledge of the Lexington real estate market is incredible.  She seemed to know the history and particulars of almost every house we looked at.  She was always ‘on’ and extremely responsive.  She’d get back to me in short order on the rare occasion I didn’t reach her directly. Jean was also proactive and organized – nothing was ever last minute.  She stayed on top of all the transaction milestones and always seemed to have a resource she could recommend should the need arise – attorneys, lenders, contractors, handymen.   

“In summary, Jean is great.  She’s a pleasure to work with and if you plan to buy or sell in Lexington, you can’t go wrong if you work with Jean.”

-- Mark and Diane S., June 2016  

“Who should you trust more than your financial planner? It’s your real estate agent.  The person who helps you sell your home needs to be someone you can work with and trust to prepare, list and negotiate the selling of your home. That person for me is Jean Winchester! 

“When my husband and I decided to sell our home in the beautiful community of Lexington, we immediately thought of Jean, who had helped us sell our first home and buy our current home. Jean is a true professional and an expert in her market area. Jean sat with us to review the process of selling our home and what we needed to do get it in tip top shape. 

“I loved working with Jean to stage our house. She knew just where to put items to maximize the space and helped make our home shine! She assisted with contractors for last minute improvements and cleaning. She has many contacts in the community who are willing to take on these jobs, due to her positive relationships with them. 

“Jean went above what most agents would do for their clients. When we were looking for our next home in a community about 10 miles away, we asked if she could assist us. She quickly admitted she was not an expert in those communities we were looking in and reached into her network to find a reliable agent in the other communities. Jean could have assisted us with that transaction and made a profit, but rather, she wanted us to work with someone who knew the market. 

“There is no one I would trust more to help me sell my home. Jean is has all the ingredients needed in a real estate agent: knowledge of the market, legal and contract experience, staging a home, relationships with community resources. Jean has the personality, and stamina to be always available. All that and she is a super nice person. Working with Jean made the experience fun and financially rewarding.”

-- Wendi and Joel, June 2016

“Words can’t express how much you helped me over all these months – peace of mind, pro-active actions, humor, patience, knowledge.  You know your stuff – and you know everyone!  And they all love you; add me to that list.  Thank you for being you and many thanks to your daughters for their help, too.  You all make a great team.”

– Laray V., December 2012